Trainer Information

General Information about Training Approval

The Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) Section for Child Care Regulation (SCCR), per regulatory authority, is responsible for the review and approval child care related clock hour training counting toward annual staff requirements for child care providers. In February 2012, DHSS began using an online process for the approval of child care related clock hour training approval requests. Trainers may access the online clock hour training approval application on the Missouri Workshop Calendar at Child care training conducted for clock hours to meet the annual requirements for child care staff in licensed facilities must be preapproved and pertain to at least one of the competencies found in the Core Competencies for Early Childhood and Youth Development Professionals (Kansas and Missouri).

The workshop calendar is designed for use by trainers, training participants, and administrative staff submitting training for approval. A helpful video and user guide can be found on the Missouri Workshop Calendar.
Training participants, trainers, or designees submitting training for approval must have a Missouri Professional Development ID (MOPD ID). Additional information about the MOPD ID can be found on our website. Before conducting a training session, trainers should request that training participants obtain and bring to training their MOPD ID number.

Training Approval Process

Trainers must create an account on the Missouri Workshop Calendar. After an account is created, trainers can access the “Dashboard” on the Calendar to complete three required functions:

A training certificate template and other forms are available on the “Trainer” tab on the Missouri Workshop Calendar.


Training approved prior to February 2012 remains approved through December 31, 2014. These training events were assigned a DHSS approval number. The DHSS approval number must be printed on certificates given to training participants. Trainings with DHSS approval numbers are not required to be published on the Missouri Workshop Calendar. In order to publish events approved prior to February 2012 on the calendar, trainers must complete the training approval, publishing, and attendance process described above.

Approval for Training Series

Training delivered in a series, for example, one session each week for several weeks, must be submitted as individual sessions for each training event in the series. Training attendees may only receive credit for sessions which they attend. Trainers must follow the approval, publishing, and attendance management process for each of the training series sessions.

Conference Approval Process

Conference planners seeking clock hour approval for their conference training sessions must apply for approval through the Missouri Workshop Calendar. The event must meet the following criteria to qualify as a conference:

Conference planners must use the Missouri Workshop Calendar for these required functions:

Additional Information