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Rainbow Day Events are fun way to market salad bars in elementary schools by providing different fruits and vegetables with a variety of color and adding adventure to the lunch period! The events have shown an increase in student’s confidence seeking out and trying new foods, opportunities to teach students salad bar etiquette and increase in participation in choosing from the salad bar! Schools that participate receive educational incentives that include large posters with Rainbow Day logo, aprons for cafeteria staff and roll of stickers for the students. A customizable flyer and tool kit are available to food service directors and managers to help plan the event (see below). The flyer helps market the program and the tool kit contain templates such as press release, volunteer to-do list and produce guide amongst other essential items. Stipends of $200 are provided to help defray food cost to purchase out of the ordinary produce for students to taste and try!

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How we did in school year 2013 - 2014

Rainbow Days Events 2013-2014 - Testimonials/Comments

"I would say 98% of students participated! It is so wonderful to have these opportunities."
– Kelly, Bristow, Registered Dietitian | Ferguson- Florissant School District

"We had grapes for their purple color and that was a huge hit! The kids really like the stickers."
– Holly Gossett, Boone Elementary – Troy R – 3

"This was the most wonderful day in the 33 years I have worked in food service. These were 3, 4, and 5th graders and so very excited to have something so beautiful just for them. They wanted to know how it all happened and if we could do it at least once a week. Parents really enjoyed it as well. So much fun to see kids eat foods that are good for them. "
– Anna Williams, Bolivar Intermediate School, Bolivar R – 1

"The kids had a lot of fun at Lincoln. They really got into the idea of "making" the rainbow. I have had a few kids call me the "Rainbow Lady" and comment about how much fun they had that day. Holly Gossett, Lincoln Elementary – Troy R – 3 The event was wonderful. We had students chanting "We love fruits and vegetables!" "Can I have more peppers?!" "Can it be a rainbow day every day?!" The event was great! We had all of the colors of the rainbow there. We have been doing salad bars for a couple of years now & this event was perfect to encourage/remind kids to eat their fruits and veggies every day."
– Kelly Bristow, Lee Hamilton Elementary Ferguson – Florissant

"This is such a great way to encourage kids to get in their fruits and veggies."
– Teacher at Central Elementary Ferguson Florissant

"What great day! Kids were excited and loved trying new things (jicama, papaya, turnips) and they also loved getting to try the fresh version of things we usually have frozen (blueberries, strawberries)."
– Patti Turner, Kirbyville R-VI Schools (4-8 buildings)

"It is so fun when I walk into a school and hear "Hey that’s the Rainbow Lady" and then when I ask the kids if they are still eating at least three colors off the Rainbow? They reply with an excited "Yes"! I think that this was a great way to promote the healthy options on the salad bar."
– Kelly Bristow, Johnson – Wabash Elementary – Ferguson-Florissant School District

"The students really enjoyed the additional choices that were served. Presenting the variety in an actual salad bar was great."
– Ann Langston, Reeds Spring Elementary School

"We had several 2nd grade boys go back for seconds and some 3 times through the bar. The entire health department (local) staff came to help. Was so gratifying to see the support from the entire community."
– Anna L. Williams, Bolivar Primary, Bolivar R-I Schools

"We bought: 2 types of mangos, fresh green beans, raspberries, blackberries, green grapes, blueberries, zucchini, yellow squash, cherry tomatoes (red and golden), and plums. Kids really enjoyed the variety and this was the first time some kids had ever tasted several of these foods."
– Pamela Hosler, MO Department of Mental Health Hawthorn children’s Psychiatric Hospital

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Download Instructions and Materials

  1. The LunchBox™ Healthy Tool Guide
  2. The LunchBox™ Healthy Tool Guide
  3. Rainbow Day Flyer (Customize)
  4. Rainbow Day Mini Poster (8” x 11 ½”)


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