Data & Statistical Reports

The Missouri Information for Community Assessment (MICA) system is an interactive system that allows anyone to create a table of specific data from various data files including births, deaths, hospital discharges and others.

The first page in MICA allows a person to choose the variables for the table rows and columns. Some of the variables are diagnosis, cause of death, birth condition, year of occurrence, age, gender, race, Medicaid status, and county or zip code of residence. Once the basic table structure is selected, the user may easily constrain the variables to select the specific information desired. Clicking on table headers will open additional tables to show more detailed data on that category. Age-adjusted and age-specific rates and row or column percentages may also be displayed at the user's option.

Once the data table is created, the user has the ability to download the data for use in other applications such as Microsoft Excel to produce a chart or graph. Instructions for downloading can be found by clicking on "Help - - Definitions" at the top of the first page of the MICA. Definitions of data, documentation of data and variable and issue information about data contained within the MICA can also be found here.

The user can also produce a map with counties/cities shaded according to user-defined criteria.

Fact Sheets

Asthma Data by Region

Asthma Burden Report

Missouri Asthma Burden Report Updated

Community Health Improvement Resources (CHIR)

CHIR is an interactive web-based system designed to assist public health practitioners and community stakeholders with improving the health of their communities.  The system uses an evidence-based public health improvement planning process that includes information and tools to help identify and prioritize community health issues, develop partnerships to address prioritized health issues, create and evaluate community plans to impact the identified issues utilizing evidence-based interventions, and sustain community efforts to impact priority health issues. CHIR utilizes the following Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services MICA (Missouri Information for Community Assessment) tools:

  1. Community Profiles (state, regional, county and city data profiles)
  2. Data MICA (state and local data query system)
  3. Priorities MICA (interactive priority-setting tool)
  4. Intervention MICA (information, tools and resources for intervention design, implementation, and evaluation)

Intervention MICA provides information on how to identify and develop evidence-based interventions to address priority health concerns, including colorectal cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and physical activity and nutrition to prevent obesity.