Informed Consent for Abortions

Below is a list of printed materials that are to be provided to a woman 24 hours prior to performing or inducing an abortion.  These printed materials are provided by the Department of Health and Senior Services in accordance with Senate Bill 793 (2010) and Section 188.027, RSMo.

The Department of Health and Senior Services has developed a new comprehensive booklet titled “Missouri’s Informed Consent Booklet.”  This will take the place of: “Induced Abortion”, “How Does Your Baby Grow during Pregnancy”, the Fetal Pain Fact Sheet, the Alternatives to Abortion Fact Sheet, “Does Your Child Have a Legal Father”, and “What’s This About Child Support.”  The Informed Consent Checklist has been revised to reflect these changes and is available from the warehouse as item #590. 

Missouri Alternatives to Abortion Program Providers

Pregnancy Assistance Information Providers

Fetal Ultrasound Providers

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