Sometimes one does not cash all of the food instruments due to having too much WIC foods on hand or because of not eating specific foods such as beans.

Recipes and ideas are being provided to help with the use of WIC foods and the intake of the nutrients from those foods.

The following links provide handouts from WIC Works, adapted by the Oklahoma State Department of Health WIC Service and are available in English and Spanish.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health WIC Service adapted these materials in 1997. These "WIC Menu Ideas" handouts are shaped in the form of the respective WIC foods and feature two sections: Ways to use the respective WIC food and recipes using the respective WIC food. The materials include the following foods: Beans (Frijoles), Cereal with Iron (Cereal con Hierro), Cheese (Queso), Eggs (Huevos), Juices (Jugos), Milk (Leche), Peanut Butter (Crema de Cacahuate).

Beans (Frijoles)
English - - Spanish

Cereal (Cereal con Hierro)
English - - Spanish

Cheese (Queso)
English - - Spanish

Eggs (Huevos)
English - - Spanish

Juices (Jugos)
English - - Spanish

Milk (Leche)
English - - Spanish

Peanut Butter (Crema de Cacahuate)
English - - Spanish

WIC recipe books are available, in several languages, from The Outreach and Interpretation Project, Illinois. Click on the links below to access the recipe books.

To download a WIC Recipe Book, right click and choose "Save As..." When printing the WIC Recipe Books, please print them The WIC Recipe Book! - The Outreach and Interpretation Project is proud to announce the completion of the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program Recipe Book, which includes recipes for meals using listed foods on the WIC Program diet. The Recipe Book has been translated into five different languages: Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Urdu and Vietnamese.

Beans are a good source of Protein, Iron, Zinc and Folate and can be used in many tasty dishes.


The links, below, offer basic information about different types of beans and cooking instructions. Also, the reference chart is a great resource for trying a different type of bean. This information is from Northharvest Bean Growers Association.
Bean Basics
Bean Reference Chart
Great Bean Recipes

Learn how to use your beans with informational materials from the Northharvest Bean Growers Association. Email with your name and address to receive a listing of currently available complimentary resources or print out the PDF of our resource order form to order more great bean information!

The Bean Cookbook with CD is available from the above site and provides some very good information and recipes for using different kinds of beans.

Low Fat Milk and Low Fat Yogurts

Midwest Dairy Council’s recipes were developed to help you get your recommended three servings of dairy per day! These handouts showcase delicious, nutritious, and easy to cook dairy-rich recipes. Give the recipes a try today!

Dairy Makes Sense Recipes

Cereal Milk Yum
English - Spanish

Cheese Please
English - Spanish

Diary is a Local Food
English - Spanish

Dairy Makes Sense
English - Spanish

Dairy Makes Sense - Yogurt
English - Spanish

Go For Yogurt
English - Spanish

WIC Lowfat Milk Recipes


USDA's Milk Video

Cooking Demonstration Videos