Breastfeeding Resources

Breastfeeding Plan
It is important for mothers to talk to their partner and doctor before delivery about their decision to breastfeed, so they can provide the best support possible. This handout can be provided to WIC mothers to help her family and healthcare providers understand her ideal hospital experience and feeding goals. Spanish

Breastfeeding is Important DHSS catalog # 481 Bilingual
This handout provides information on the benefits of breastfeeding and illustrates the differences between breast milk and formula. Spanish

Sore Nipples DHSS catalog # 28 Bilingual
Some women may experience sore nipples when breastfeeding. This handout provides information on the prevention and treatment of sore nipples. Spanish

Nipple Shields
Occasionally women need to use a nipple shield as a short term solution for a breastfeeding problem. This handout provides guidance to women on how to use, tips for success and how to wean from a nipple shield. (At this time, available for download only.)

Hand Expression DHSS catalog #29 Bilingual
Many women find hand expression an efficient way to express breast milk, especially in the early days when milk supply is not abundant. This hand out provides instructions and tips on how to be successful with hand expression. Spanish

Engorgement DHSS catalog #267 Bilingual
Some breastfeeding women experience engorgement. This handout provides information on symptoms, prevention and treatment of engorgement. Spanish

How to Know Your Baby is Getting EnoughDHSS catalog #568 English #569 Spanish
This handout provides information on infant tummy size and appropriate number of wet/dirty diapers for a breastfed baby. A log for tracking the number of wet and dirty diapers the baby has each day for the first week postpartum is on the back.

Rooming-in at the Hospital DHSS catalog #329 Bilingual
After birth it is recommended that babies stay with their mothers in their hospital room 24 hours per day. This is known as “rooming-in.” This handout provides information on the benefits of rooming-in at the hospital and how to be successful. Spanish

Missouri Show Me 5 Hospital Initiative Poster DHSS catalog #315
Skin-to-Skin (Caucasian) Poster DHSS catalog #316
Skin-to-Skin (African American) Poster DHSS catalog #317
Rooming-In Poster DHSS catalog # 425