2014 Missouri Rural Health Champion

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The nominations are in! Here you will find the nominations for the Rural Health Champion of 2014. You have one week to vote so please do so now! Voting will be open until 5:00 pm, Friday, October 31, 2014


Joe Follis, Bolivar Medical Center
Joe is a guy who truly cares for his patients, his staff, his family and his community.  He reduced his cost of a visit at his clinic to just $39 for the uninsured.  He has extended his office hours for patients who have to work, so that they can come and be seen.  He devotes time to local charities, and is a devout Christian.

Lorraine Harness, Administrator of Pike County Memorial Hospital
During her tenure, Mrs. Harness has accomplished numerous objectives which have solidified our financial future within our county to preserve needed medical care for generations to come. Simultaneously she has increased the availability of services to our community so that patients do not have to drive outside of the county to access quality health care.

Ericka Klingner, Administrator of Putnam County Health Department
Our Nominee is from Unionville, MO a small rural community with a population of around 4,875 people in the entire county.
In the past seven years Ericka has been the primary grant writer and the go to person for major changes in our community for the benefit of health and wellness. In February 28, 2014 the grant ended and the projects were completed.

Rebecca Hunt, Administrator of Madison County Health Department
Rebecca Hunt has been a working advocate for rural health for 32 years. Rebecca started her love for public health at Madison County Health Department in Fredericktown. After learning all aspects of public health at the Butler County Health Department and Cape District office, Rebecca returned to Madison County Health Department. She has served as administrator for the last 15 years. She has been tireless in her efforts to ensure rural public health continues the legacy of providing preventive health measures for all citizens of the county.

Jennifer Grabner, Southern Boone Learning Garden, Ashland, MO
In my opinion Jenny Grabner became a rural health champion in 2007 when she along with another Southern Boone County School parent started the Southern Boone Learning Garden (SBLG). The initial mission of the Southern Boone Learning Garden was to provide outdoor classroom space and resources in the schools; to facilitate fun, authentic learning experiences that challenge students to embrace positive life skills; and to promote collaborative efforts between the Learning Garden, the school district, and the community.

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Joe Follis

Lorraine Harness

Ericka Klingner

Rebecca Hunt

Jennifer Grabner

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