County OWTS Permit Data

The links below offer some information about onsite wastewater treatment system (OWTS) permits in Missouri. Numbers of permitted system repairs, replacement systems, and new systems and the types of OWTS are given by county where available. Brief descriptions of types of OWTS are available if you return to our OWTS page.

At this time, 2006 OWTS permit information is available for most counties. Data was gathered through the Local Public Health Agency Infrastructure Survey by the Center for Local Public Health Services, from other local onsite permitting authorities, and from Onsite Wastewater Treatment Program permit records. Note that an exemption allows unpermitted OWTS installation on certain acreages (typically over three acres) in some counties; so that systems may have been installed on larger acreages even though zero (0) OWTS permits are reported for a county. Also, the numbers of different types of systems or components shown by county will not always relate to the total number of permits in the same way. Some examples are: there are many different possible combinations of system components, a system repair may only require a permit for a part of the system, and local records might not correspond well to the infrastructure survey questions. You can access a summary of the permit information in table form or in map form. For your information we have provided instructions for using the map.

By clicking the map link and zooming in to look at a county, layers showing incorporated communities become available. Communities are shown as being served by central sewers or decentralized wastewater treatment systems, which may include cluster treatment systems and/or OWTS. In addition to the small incorporated communities, there are many other small communities in Missouri that rely on decentralized wastewater treatment. As central sewer treatment systems must be managed, decentralized systems can be an effective long-term part of wastewater treatment infrastructure if properly managed.

Information about onsite and other decentralized systems is offered on the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website:; enter the search term 'decentralized' to search that area of the EPA internet site for more information.

Missouri 2006 OWTS Permits by County





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