OWTS Professional Registrations Expiring

Registered/Licensed Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) Professionals are required to complete continuing education and renew their registration before the end of a three-year registration period.  The list below includes professionals whose registration/license has recently expired.  Note that the list will be updated regularly.  However, for a short time the list might include a professional’s name even after the individual renewed their registration during the brief grace period allowed. You may request that an OWTS professional show identification and/or proof of registration or contact the Onsite Sewage Program to confirm current registration status.

Explanation of registration notations used in table below:
INSTALL – OWTS Installers, Basic or Advanced
OSE – Onsite Soil Evaluators
PT – Percolation Tester
INSPECT – Existing OWTS System Inspectors (related to property sales)

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Registration Date of Expiration Last Name First Name MI Home County
INSPECT 6/30/2015 Caldwell Brian R Benton
INSPECT 6/30/2015 Carlson Tim R Camden
INSPECT 6/30/2015 Coffman Richard R St. Louis
INSTALL 5/31/2015 Crumm Adam
INSTALL 5/31/2015 Eason Brian D Cedar
INSTALL 7/31/2015 Glascock Dustin J Camden
INSTALL 7/31/2015 Goodfellow Jesse A Warren
INSTALL 6/30/2015 Griffin Brandon M Cole
INSTALL 5/31/2015 Grindel Rob L St. Francois
INSTALL 5/31/2015 Haggard Tamara R Newton
INSTALL 5/31/2015 Hatley Jon M Howell
INSTALL 5/31/2015 Hestdalen Terrance J Lawrence
INSTALL 5/31/2015 Janeway Jessica
INSTALL 5/31/2015 Jennings Charles W Harrison
INSTALL 7/31/2015 Johnston Todd A B Butler
INSTALL 6/30/2015 Jones Michael L Wright
INSTALL 6/30/2015 Jones, Jr William D Benton
INSTALL 5/31/2015 Kelley Lloyd R Wright
INSPECT 6/30/2015 Kroeger Josh K Pettis
INSTALL 6/30/2015 Kutina Mark D Vernon
INSTALL 6/30/2015 Leach Tim W Jefferson
INSPECT 6/30/2015 Leach Tim W Jefferson
INSPECT 6/30/2015 Lemons Kenneth R Pulaski
INSTALL 5/31/2015 Lemons Kenneth R Pulaski
INSTALL 5/31/2015 Lucke Christopher W St. Charles
INSTALL 6/30/2015 Meloy Chad L Wayne
INSTALL 6/30/2015 Miksell Galen R Jasper
INSTALL 5/31/2015 Moran James F Greene
INSPECT 6/30/2015 Moran James F Greene
INSTALL 7/31/2015 Pellicer George
INSTALL 7/31/2015 Pemberton John W Webster
INSTALL 5/31/2015 Price Michael D Barry
INSTALL 5/31/2015 Reddish Steven Thomas Ripley
INSTALL 6/30/2015 Schamel Kurt A St. Louis
INSTALL 7/31/2015 Scheppers Tom
INSTALL 6/30/2015 Schlacks Jabbok
INSTALL 5/31/2015 Simms Tyler Q Stone
INSTALL 5/31/2015 Smith Jared B Texas
INSPECT 6/30/2015 Soots Andrew J St. Charles
INSPECT 6/30/2015 Spalding II Mark G Washington
INSTALL 6/30/2015 Stroup Erick V Laclede
INSTALL 6/30/2015 Stroup Stephanie M Laclede
INSTALL 6/30/2015 Trantham Bryan K Carter
INSTALL 5/31/2015 Wilcut Jr Jimmy
INSTALL 7/31/2015 Wilson Kaleb R Harrison
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