2013 Public Health Preparedness Conference


  1. Dana Hall - Superstorm Sandy Notes from the Field:  Bringing Public Health and Medical Resources to Bear
  2. Hal Grieb - Trend Spotting Using Social Media
  3. Jackie Gatz & Lesley Schulte - Health Care Coalitions:  Facilitating Regional Public Health Communication and Coordination
  4. Aren Koenig - Partnering Resources Across the Country:  Responding to Superstorm Sandy
  5. Bruce Bailey - Hurricane Sandy Best Practices
  6. Craig Armstrong - Missouri Disaster Response System-Resources for Missouri’s Emergencies
  7. Susamma Seeley & Dr. Healy - Accessing Voluntary and Faith-based Resources in Disaster
  8. Randy Scrivner - State Emergency Management Agency Support in Disasters
  9. Anne Kyle - Missouri’s ESAR-VHP Show-Me-Response
  10. Kenneth Cope - How the American Red Cross and Health Professionals Work Together During a Disaster Response
  11. Kate Boulter & Elizabeth Beam - Nebraska Biocontainment Patient Care Unit
  12. Mark Pethan & Lisa Schlottach - CHEMPACK in Missouri, Planning Efforts to be Better Prepared
  13. Emily Lord - An Introduction to the Rx Response Program
  14. Jenny Wiley - Behavioral Health Resources Available Before, During and After a Disaster